A Pinch of Love!

Feb 28, 2013

Anyone who has been to Nedile, will tell you that nothing comes close to our freshly baked bread.

This is also one of our best kept secrets at the lodge…

The story of our famous bread starts with Francina Magagane, who had a real passion for baking. All her knowledge and love for the craft she passed on to her daughter – Mapula Magagane.

As Mapula reached High School, her mom decided that now she is ready to master the traditional family recipes, among them the famed bread recipe.

And so this recipe got passed along from one generation to the next and for the last 23 years Mapula has perfected her bread recipe, the last 10 years of those at Nedile Lodge!

She ended up sharing this recipe only with one other person – Minky Thwala, whom has also been with Nedile for over 10 years.

Without giving away our recipe, we can let you know what the secret ingredient is in all our food – a pinch of love!

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