We have it ALL!

Jan 17, 2016

Recently the site BuzzFeed featured their 20 Most Beautiful Countries in the World. Nepal starting off the count at Number 20, and then the numbers dwindling down through Norway, Chile, Kenya, Italy and then finally to Number 1…South Africa!

The internet is rife with guests who can’t get enough of this beautiful country and with good reason! We boast that South Africa is a World in one Country. We have it all – natural beauty of the wilderness, winelands, spectacular mountain ranges, gorgeous coastal areas, the most amazing wildlife, canyons, national parks and even our cities, such as Cape Town has been voted the most beautiful.

We have one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature – Table Mountain. The country is rich in culture and diversity with not just 1 or 2 national languages but 11! Then there’s the people – South African’s are known for the hospitality, it will also be the most upbeat, welcoming and humorous people you can hope to encounter.
And then of course…in all this abundance of beauty, lies Nedile Lodge in the heart of the Waterberg. Tranquility and relaxation is easy with Mother Nature as your aide, you can get closer to her with one of our experienced guides or just soak up the peace and quiet she has to offer by lounging around the lodge. Then again, you could just enjoy a sundowner overlooking the majesty that is the Waterberg!

Do you really need any more reason to plan your trip today?

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