Living close to Nature

Apr 21, 2013

As most of our friends know – Nedile is an unfenced camp. Meaning, we let nature run its course and let the animals roam by as they please. So in that sense we are a bit closer to nature than our neighboring lodges, and sometimes nature gets a bit closer to us as well…

We’ve had the most amazing sightings of elephants walking down the pathway, inspecting the trees in the boma and drinking from the swimming pool. We also have some of the smaller animals like rock hyraxes, squirrels and small spotted genet around the lodge, not to mention the zebra, kudu, klipspringer and various other antelope that frequent the watering hole.

But every once in a while, we are lucky enough that the King of the bush graces us with his presence as well. Nothing more majestic like seeing a lion strutting down the road!

Recently we had just this – a male lion casually strolling up our access road towards the lodge. Then to be able to watch him with a cup of coffee in hand, as he decided to show up at the start of breakfast. He could be seen from the lodge, lazing in the grass, where upon our ranger rounded everyone up into the game viewer to drive a few meters to get all those perfect photographs.

The lion was around the lodge for a bit during the morning and then slowly making his way down towards the West gate.

So amazing!

This is also why we always ask our guests cooperation in the evenings when it is dark, that one of our guides walk them to and from the rooms.

Hence the pathway is such a great source to see what ambled by during the night, so next time let your ranger point out some tracks.

Maybe it will be a lion, leopard or a hyena?

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