Relaxation in the heart of the Wilderness with Rungu Massage

Jul 28, 2012

As part of our initiative to develop the skills and talents of our staff, we sent Lizzy Thobane to do a course in African Rungu Massage.  We find it is of the utmost importance to develop our staff to their full potential.

All our staff are from local communities, so we are able to give back, by offering opportunities that hasn’t been available to them.

Lizzy came back with a passion, which is unmatched, and is keen to share her knowledge and technique of this ethnic massage.

The rungu originates from Africa, as an important emblem of warrior status for Masai males, who also used it in warfare as a throwing club or baton.  The massage rungu is carved out of natural Eucalyptus wood and is heavy enough for the therapist to apply deep pressure with far less effort.  The smooth texture, solid feel and different surfaces of the rungu are ideal for clients who prefer a deep tissue massage.

The African Rungu massage is a long stroked, deep pressure massage that reduces pains & aches, improves blood circulation, lymph drainage and muscle toning, it also provides immediate relaxation.

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