The White Rhinoceros – (Ceratotherium simum)

Dec 10, 2010

At Nedile, we are proud to boast that the Welgevonden Game Reserve holds the highest concentration of White Rhino found on private land. Being the grazers that they are, we regularly see them feeding on the grass plains around the Lodge. 

Our guests have recently been treated to sightings of 2 small calves, 1 ½ and 5 months old. It’s hard to believe the size these magnificent beasts eventually grow to!

With the media’s attention so firmly focused on the poaching of these magnificent animals at the moment, we are doing our part to keep them safe. As we have been untouched by this travesty; we hope to enjoy seeing these animals feeding around Nedile for years and years to come.

Some interesting facts about White Rhinos:

  • The name “White Rhino” is a mistranslation from Dutch to English. The Dutch word “Wijd” was mistranslated to “white” when it actually means “wide” referring to the animal’s broad lip, adapted for grazing. The Black Rhino has a pointed lip, an adaptation for browsing.
  • The white rhino is the world’s largest land mammal, after the 3 species of elephant.
  • Each of its 4 stumpy feet only has 3 toes.
  • Their olfactory passages, responsible for smell are larger than their entire brain!

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