We DO cater for everyone

Mar 2, 2011

At Nedile we try and cater for everyone, whether you need an extra adapter, maybe a wake-up call at 03:00, some over-the-top dietaries or maybe you just need to quench your thirst like this four legged visitor!

This big guy started out at the watering hole we have just below the lodge, then decided the water wasn’t sufficient for someone of his size. (As this watering hole is frequented mostly by antelope)

He then continued up to the lodge straight for the swimming pool, where he spent some time enjoying the refreshing water before heading round the deck to our boma area.

Here he nibbled on some of the lush greenery before heading around the lodge towards the kitchen…where we very quickly had to remove all fruit away from open windows! He meandered around the lodge some more before heading of to the staff camp and back into the bushes.

This has been our second sighting of an elephant visiting us at the pool in a span of about 3 weeks and we have recently found some more tracks at the lodge’s drive way. Next time you come and visit us, this friend might be here to welcome you as well…you never know!

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